Our vision and our missions

experience in an international environmentNowadays, having an experience in an international environment is seen as essential for a student’s future prospects. This is why Adiona Group strives to give students a unique and unforgettable experience abroad. a unique and unforgettable experience abroad

Since 2009, around 40,000 students have called on our services in order to facilitate their experience abroad. Our aim is to become more and more a key part of the experience for students, particularly abroad. For this reason, our motto is to meet the needs of each student by offering innovative services based on our expertise.
Our mission? To open the doors that allow students to fully live an experience abroad, essential as much for their personal development as for their professional futures.



  • ACCESSIBILITY: making our services widely available so that as many students as possible can live and experience abroad and fully prepare them for the international working environment.
  • AMBITION: encourage students to aspire to ambitious projects which will help them to mature and develop on a personal level and also enable them to acquire professional skills which they could not hope to develop without an experience abroad.
  • RELIABILITY: Adiona Group never compromises on the quality of the services we offer to students: personalized support, simplicity and accountability are all points we take very seriously.
  • INTEGRITY: adopt an ethical approach to our dealings with students (we know that it can be complicated for students to go abroad during their studies) and with partners within all of our departments.
  • INTERNATIONAL: work with a variety of different companies from around the world in order to best meet the expectations of our students and equally, our partners.


The strength of a company dedicated to students, international businesses and academic partners alike

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Creation of MyInternshipAbroad

In 2009 Yves Perret, a student at IAE in Aix-en-Provence, completed an internship in the United States. He was one of only three students in his class who managed to land an internship abroad, so he realised that there were obvious difficulties for students to live the experience he did. On his return, he decided to create the startup MyInternshipAbroad with the aim to pair French students with international companies.


Launch of the J-1 Visa Program

The J-1 Visa is obligatory for any internship, employment or studies in the United States. Therefore, a service dedicated entirely to J-1 Visas was created alongside MyInternshipAbroad in July 2009. 100% of our visas are accepted by the US Embassy in Paris.


Creation of a personalized coaching service

Thanks to Anglophone experts employed by the company, we offer students a personalized service which includes writing, translation and improvement of CVs and cover letters and also mock interviews in English. We support the students throughout the whole process of their applications in a more comprehensive way.


Publication of our first Book

As we continued to grow as a company, we decided to publish our first Internship Guide : “Mon Stage à l’Étranger – Les Clés de la Réussite.” This comprehensive guide to internships abroad gives students access to over 1,300 companies across the world as well as useful tips on how to give you the edge over other candidates.

juin 2015

Launch of the Work & Travel Program

With this new service, our company moved into the US summer jobs area. This program is a simple and effective way for students to acquire an experience abroad working paid summer jobs, an experience which allows them to finance the trip.

septembre 2015

Creation of group Adiona

The Adiona Group was created to bring together all of the different products and services that we offer (internships abroad, J-1 visas, summer jobs in the US, etc. ) under a single entity.